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style, excellence, quality and tradition

For over 60 years, the Neapolitan sartorial tradition

The brand “Ugo Fabiani”, owned by the Costanzo family, is synonymous with style and excellence Made in Italy on the Italian and international markets by offering high quality men’s outerwear intended for a select clientele, able to appreciate an exclusive and refined tailoring.


From the tradition of the prestigious Neapolitan tailoring school was founded 60 years ago, founded by Vincenzo Costanzo, the prestigious tailoring Costanzo, then split into:

Costanzo SRL, a company specializing in the production of clothing for men classical operating in the tailoring industry.

POINT COVIN Srl, based in CIS Nola, well established company in the distribution of the brand “John Fabiani”. With ‘statement on the Italian and international markets, in addition to corporate headquarters, administrative and sales, has also become a center for research and study models. At the same site you can find the stores, logistics base and a cozy showroom.

It is the combination of skills and experience tailoring of its founder and the entrepreneurial spirit of the children born today a modern industrial reality which is characterized by the pursuit of excellence and innovative spirit.

Vincenzo Costanzo


Il brand Ugo Fabiani è sostenuto da una cultura di impresa forte e consolidata alla produzione, alla distribuzione agli operatori commerciali in Italia e all’estero ...
0039 081 5108644