Beige upholstery fabric textile texture. shallow depth of field


Sixty years ago, the prestigious Costanzo tailoring school tradition gave birth to Costanzo, founded by Vincenzo Costanzo.

Subsequently, the Costanzo tailoring school split into two entities: Costanzo S.r.l., which specialized in the production of classic men’s clothing and excelled in the field of industrial tailoring,

and PUNTO COVIN S.r.l., which established itself as a distribution company, making its mark in both Italian and international markets with the “Ugo Fabiani” brand. It has since become the central hub for research, model development, commercial offices, and administrative and logistics centers, housing warehouses and showrooms.



The “Ugo Fabiani” brand is supported by a strong and well-established corporate culture that focuses on production and distribution to commercial operators in Italy and abroad through PUNTO COVIN S.r.l., which is controlled by the Costanzo family. The brand is also distributed directly through a commercial network in contexts that prioritize high-quality offerings.



The philosophy of the Costanzo family, owners of the brand, is based on long-term objectives, family control to ensure continuity and stability, grounded in a shared ethical commitment and rigorous governance. These principles are all geared towards a continuous pursuit of quality, combined with constant attention to customers and people. This “Made in Italy” ethos is a blend of tradition and technological innovation, drawing strength from the teachings of the Neapolitan tailoring school. With the “UGO FABIANI” brand, it upholds the prestige of high-quality Italian men’s outerwear.