Attention to detail

Artisanal fabrics carefully selected in Italy and around the world, crafted with precision and passion by our skilled artisans.

The fabrics are produced by the most reputable craftsmen in Italy and worldwide. The finest yarns, handpicked by our experts, are meticulously chosen, and the fabrics are further scrutinized in our workshops to ensure that only those worthy of Ugo Fabiani’s artisanal tradition reach the hands of our tailors. The tailoring process of a Ugo Fabiani garment consists of hundreds of crucial stages, all of which are essential to maintain a high standard of quality and uphold the brand’s reputation. After completing each stage, the garment undergoes a thorough inspection of the work done in that specific phase. Only then is a garment deemed worthy of the Ugo Fabiani label. Attention to detail is a concept on which Ugo Fabiani’s entire production is founded. All the most intricate finishing touches are carried out with the assistance of cutting-edge technology but under the direct and constant supervision of artisan tailors from the renowned Neapolitan tailoring school. Every detail is meticulously double-checked after its execution.